MFC Daniels Case Update

The Métis Federation of Canada (MFC), a national partner organization with the BC Métis Federation, has taken steps this week too finalize plans to intervene in the Daniels Case now before the Supreme Court of Canada.

BC Métis Federation leadership is working with MFC on the intervention which is the most important case facing Métis rights in Canada today.

Read the full announcement below.

The Métis Federation of Canada is pleased to announce that we have obtained legal representation with Devlin Gailus Westaway, Barristers & Solicitors to seek Intervener Status in the Harry Daniels Federal Court of Appeal. As the only national Métis organization that represents all Métis – from coast to coast to coast – we believe it is important for us to be at the table for this historic case to ensure all Métis voices are heard.

From Sebastien Malette, Ph.D., MFC Director of Métis Rights: “It is important for the Métis Federation of Canada (MFC) to act as an Intervener to make sure that we support the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal that recognizes Métis as “Indian” as per the Constitution Act 1867—hence securing the fiduciary relationship that the Federal government own the Métis. It is also important that the voice of MFC be heard so that The Supreme Court of Canada understands that the MFC represents a distinctive organization in Canada that represent all Métis from all regions of Canada. In line with our unique philosophy, the MFC will defend that all Métis across Canada should be included in the coming decision of the Supreme Court.”

Robert Pilon, President of the MFC states: “I believe that this is a critical point in the history of all Métis people in Canada, regardless of where your ancestors are from. As we have affiliations with a number of Métis organizations in different regions of this country, we want to be sure that every Métis person’s rights are clearly represented.”

Robert Pilon, President Métis Federation of Canada 
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