Michif Language Legacy Project Produces New Language Website For Learning

(Vancouver, BC) – The BC Métis Federation and the Government of Canada, through the department of Heritage Canada, delivered the Michif Language Legacy project which ended March 31st, 2015. The Michif Language Legacy project was an initial language project to be delivered in two (2) locations to benefit members of the Métis community. The two project delivery locations were identified in Surrey and Williams Lake as these communities had basic infrastructure of offices and active membership.

The Michif Language Legacy project was designed at a beginning level and was to achieve 60 participants in the two project delivery locations, completion of the project DVD, and website enhancement where Métis people could review the materials and teachings to learn online. This week BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce that the projects deliverables have been met and today marks the launching of the additional Michif language section to the website which can be accessed at http://bcmetis.com/culture/michif-legacy-project/.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Our board is pleased to review the results achieved supporting our partners in Williams Lake and Surrey. The Nova Métis Heritage Association in Surrey and Cariboo Chilcotin Métis Association have strong boards and administration and were able to ensure this language project could be delivered in a meaningful way. Thank you to their boards and communities members that attended.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added; “There are very few Michif language speakers remaining in Canada and fewer yet in BC. We estimate less than 1% of our estimated population in BC of approximately 70,000 people can speak a dialect of Michif. Our Michif language is on the brink of complete collapse and we are doing what we can to support its very survival.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you to project coordinators Earlene Bitterman, Sherry Daniels, and Betty Fisher for the hours to ensure project delivery. I especially thank Francis Fisher and elder Mary Lucier for teaching our community an introductory language course. Finally thank you to the Government of Canada and the Department of Heritage Canada for the support for this initial project. Given the results we are excited to see the next phase of language projects implemented in the new year. These initial tools and launch of our new language section on our website will continue to introduce Michif language to thousands of members trying to better understand their culture and language.”

Please note that this project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet a ete rendu possible en partie grace au gouvernement du Canada.

To review the new Michif language section of the BC Métis Federation website go to http://bcmetis.com/culture/michif-legacy-project/.

For more information about the BC Métis Federation also be sure to view our website at www.bcmetis.com.

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