MMF v. Canada – Can we have a “We” in history

The BC Metis Federation is sharing our initial reaction to the MMF case in the Supreme Court of Canada announced Friday. There is certainly cause to celebrate but BC Metis Federation continues to review the decision and there are several aspects that leave us less than enthusiastic about the practical outcomes for Metis people in general, especially those residing outside of Manitoba. There will likely be minimal outcomes as a result given the language of the decision.

BC Metis Federation is completing further review and has contacted various legal experts for their analysis. Further information and analysis will be posted in the future.

To read the BC Metis Federation document click here.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/MMF-v.-Canada-in-perspective-Joe-Desjarlais.pdf” style=”download”]Download MMF v. Canada Letter[/ilink]

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