MNBC Files Charges Against Metis Elder

The BC Metis Federation is sharing a statement sent to BC Metis Federation this week from Metis elder Valerie Beauchamps who resides on Vancouver Island (Duncan area) and has been a part of the Metis movement.

This is an incredible turn of events as the charges filed are based on the removal of the Joanne Dumont file, allegedly by Valerie in February 2013, who recently was awarded approximately $6000.00 in tuition received from employment and training funding from MNBC. Valerie had issues with this application and wanted the Metis public to realize the concerns in light of the facts that Joanne is the wife of MNBC President Dumont, there remains serious questions about her Metis identity, and what barriers was she facing to justify approval of these funds when other clients have been refused?

This latest example continues to demonstrate a lack of MNBC transparency about a serious situation where very questionable decisions have been made. BC Metis Federation has additional information and will support Valerie in this situation. Current MNBC leadership continues this approach of using and running to the courts, etc. A very disappointing way to resolve issues.

Emailed Letter sent to the BC Metis Federation June 10th 2013

To the Metis people of B.C.

Several months ago you were shown documents pertaining to monies received by Mrs. J. Dumont. Today I received a call from the RCMP telling me charges have been laid against me in regard to those documents. I am appalled that this has happened because I did what was right. When these documents were released it was because I believed that Mrs. Dumont was not entitled to monies that was put in place for Metis people who did not have funds to go to school. I am a 62 year young lady on disability pension and yet MNBC thinks it is alright to take me to court. I have but questions I need answers to:

1) where is the transparency we as a people were promised.
2) who is MNBC board in place for the people or themselves.
3) when does the board plan to be accountable to the people.

I ask the Metis people of BC to email MNBC and ask them these questions and maybe if they get enough emails they might come up with some answers. We as a people must stop being complacent and expect other people to solve our problems. Let your voice be heard now.

To all my relations, V. Beauchamp

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