MNBC Hallux Audit 2008-2012 Open letter

Open letter to Mètis people, The BC Métis Federation formed in June of 2011, as a result of six (6) major issues that faced the Métis people throughout BC. These issues were a direct result of the actions of the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). Today, the BC Métis Federation continues to grow and provide a new Métis governance structure in British Columbia for the Metis people. In contrast, the MNBC has lost and continues to lose, both credibility and support across the province due to the lack of full transparency and full disclosure of the organization.

One of the most predominant issues with regard to the MNBC’s lack of credibility has been the ongoing financial mismanagement of Métis programs and services. Repeatedly, the BC Métis Federation warned MNBC and the Métis people about the financial concerns based on evidence gathered, using the MNBC’s own documentation. Regardless, MNBC leaders and their key supporters turned a blind eye to the obvious issues; misleading, distorting, and creating outright deception to the Mètis people about the facts. Since 2009, there have been millions of dollars lost due to MNBC mismanagement and irresponsible investments such as the school in Abbotsford that was purchased by the organization.

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MNBC Hallux Audit 2008-2012

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