MNBC Leaders Show No Class at Fort St. John Métis Society Annual General Meeting

(Fort. St. John, BC) BC Métis Federation Vice President Daryl Piper and board member Lyle Letendre attended the Fort St. John Métis Society (FSJMS) Annual General Meeting held yesterday at the Friendship Center in Fort St. John at the request of the FSJMS board. The FSJMS board invited both the BC Métis Federation and Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) to attend to inform their members about what each organization was doing. The MNBC was represented by MNBC President Bruce Dumont and MNBC Northeast Regional Director Dan Pope.

BC Métis Federation Vice President Piper stated, “I attended at the request of FSJMS board and despite this request MNBC President Bruce Dumont and board member Dan Pope tried to kick BC Métis Federation representatives out of the meeting, even though it was not an MNBC meeting. Bruce and Dan’s exact words were “what the hell are you doing here, get out. “ They repeated these threatening statements twice and tried to intimidate us but we did not leave because FSJMS invited us to be there. Incredibly Bruce went on to say “I might be 70 years old but I could kick both of your a****”. ”

Vice President Piper added, “Neither Bruce or Dan as MNBC leaders would answer any real questions during this meeting. There was no response or explanation about MNBC’s debt plus so many other issues left unresolved. Bruce continued his line that MNBC is the ultimate master and FSJMS cannot serve two masters once more sending a message that these communities are to serve MNBC. He was out of touch with reality and his inability to answer questions, or outright refusal to answer questions was noticed by several in attendance. This was clearly another BC Métis Federation victory and I feel sorry that Bruce and Dan felt they had to resort to physical threats and try to intimidate. BC Métis Federation is not afraid to stand up for what we believe in, that is the truth.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “We have been saying this all along, these MNBC leaders are immature and will use any politics to threaten anyone. I can’t imagine how anyone could support this unprofessional foolishness by MNBC. MNBC’s inability to answer any real questions was witnessed first hand by several FSJMS members and I thank Bruce and Dan for showcasing the MNBC’s poor leadership. These MNBC behaviors and inability to answer questions from anyone is why more and more people are becoming member to the BC Métis Federation. Shameful behavior by two men who are elderly but are clearly not worthy of being defined as elders in our community. ”

President Henry concluded, “BC Métis Federation will focus on continuing to rebuild our Nation. I thank the FSJMS board for the leadership and sense of fairness and respect in conducting this meeting. The FSJMS members who listened to all facts showed their appreciation to the BC Métis Federation as the large majority indicated their strong support at the end of the meeting. I know MNBC representatives made every effort to disrupt the FSJMS meeting but their tactics did not work. MNBC representatives left the meeting frustration. Unfortunately FSJMS members and guests witnessed how MNBC leaders are out of control and completely delusional with their false sense of self worth and power. They showcased that they do not care about the Fort St. John Métis community by their actions yesterday, lack of answers, and threatening behaviors to anyone they think stands in their way. This is nothing more than bully behavior. Finally I am so thankful to BC Métis Federation board members Daryl Piper and Lyle Letendre for having the courage to stand up no matter what. It is time we all stood together and dealt with the MNBC once and for all.”

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