MNBC Membership – BC Métis Federation Difference: A Call to Action

Open letter to Mètis people, Since June of 2011 Métis people across British Columbia had had a free choice in who represents their interests and concerns from a provincial perspective. The BC Métis Federation come into existence and Métis people, community organizations, and agencies had a new alternative to seek support and engagement.

Since this time governments and Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) have taken many steps to create this false notion that there can and will only be one provincial Métis representative organization being the MNBC. What BC Métis Federation knows today is that quietly and surely Métis people across British Columbia are letting their feet do the talking as they complete membership applications with the BC Métis Federation as we are making a positive difference. BC Métis Federation is not the opposition to MNBC, but rather BC Métis Federation continues to evolve to support the needs, identification, cultural programming, policy advocacy, and industry voice for our legitimate constituents.

The lengths being taken to protect MNBC are unprecedented. Here is the latest example. Mrs. Elizabeth Goulet-Hillier is a proud Métis person from Merritt, British Columbia. She decided to terminate her MNBC citizenship card late 2012. Despite this clear request and directive, along with the MNBC letter confirming termination acceptance, MNBC continues to keep her on their records according to recent voter information sent to her regarding the latest failed by-elections.

Enclosed is the voting cards sent to Elizabeth on October 25th, 2013 from the MNBC Chief Electoral Officer, Tina Penney Elizabeth Goulet-Hillier of her Merritt, BC address. The real question is why is MNBC mailing Elizabeth MNBC election information, when she clearly is not a member of the MNBC according to MNBC letter January 31st, 2013? It is clear Mrs. Goulet-Hillier received a by-elections notice because she was on the list of MNBC members. Mrs. Goulet-Hillier has contacted MNBC several times on this issue to ensure MNBC does not use her name or membership number or numbers to receive funding from any government or industry. Mrs. Goulet-Hillier has contacted the Office of the Privacy Commission for further and immediate follow up.

These issues continue to be revealed across the province. BC Métis Federation continues to grow and these clear cases of privacy infringement by MNBC breech the core values of respect for freedom of association and question the integrity of the entire MNBC citizenship card system and their ongoing claims about who they actually represent.

Due to the current situation Elizabeth Goulet-Hillier has agreed to assist BC Métis Federation review any other complaints by individuals who have faced the same actions from MNBC. Therefore we encourage Métis individuals to contact Elizabeth Goulet-Hillier @ Mrs. Goulet-Hillier has agreed to coordinate all information confidentially on behalf of BC Métis Federation and provide an update to our board.

Going forward it continues to be these MNBC actions that demonstrate their inability to respect direction from the Métis people which is critical when it comes to representation and your Métis identification.

BC Métis Federation will continue to move forward and knows that despite governments and MNBC propaganda, our membership is rapidly increasing day by day. As we always state, Métis people and communities will decide who represents their interests. It is a core value BC Métis Federation respects and we recognize MNBC has legitimate authority to speak on behalf of their members, but only their members.

As I continue to state, the choice is ultimately up to you.

Thank you,
Keith Henry

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