MNBC Membership Termination Letter Philip & Maxine Lavallee

This letter was sent to the BCMF earlier this week

MAY 30,2012

Dear Bruce Dumont,

Re:MNBC Membership Termination Letter

Please be informed that effective immediately Maxine Lavallee and Philip Lavallee resign our current membership with MNBC.

We have watched and listened for a long time now to the way your board has done things that we do not agree with. For example:

1. The debt this board has created.
2. The total lack of communication.
3. The removal of the three directors because they questioned the election process in 2008.
4. The disrespect of members at a AGM by shutting of the microphones when it was not what you wanted everyone else to hear.
5. Refusal to take your part as president at discussions that you have been invited to.What are you afraid of?
6. No consultation with the communities that you represent before major decisions are made eg: buying of the school and Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
7. The ignorance that was shown at a MNGA meeting when a debt recovery plan was brought forward by the former coalition of concerned Metis citizens(CCMC). How the MNBC board and most of the presidents attending did not even acknowledge the plan. Why couldn’t you and the MNBC board not put aside your personal interests against the CCMC and work with what is best for the people? They have been right all along.

We are totally against the Northern Gateway Pipeline.It does not effect our area right now but we have respect for our First Nations,Metis communities and other municipalities that it will effect.The MNBC greed of dollars is so clear to the damage of our natural resources without any mandate from your people.

We would like both of our names to be removed from the MNBC registry in accordance with the MNBC citizenship act. We request all our files related to both of us to be returned to us.

We are sure Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont must be looking down in shame, asking what has become of our people.
Today we are proud menbers of the B.C. Metis Federation.These leaders represent their members with honesty,respect and communication.

Philip and Maxine Lavallee
Enclosed is our membership cards.

Cc:Keith Henry-President of B.C. M.F.
Cc: Hon Mary Polak-Minister of Aborginal relations and Reconciliation

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