MNBC Political Delivery of Programs and Services

Open letter to Mètis people,

I am writing today amid the ongoing and serious issues facing the delivery of programs and services for Métis people in British Columbia through the organization Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). The latest evidence we present today is undeniable proof once more how the MNBC is politicizing the delivery of programs and services which is one of the key basis for our recent human rights discrimination claims filed in January 2013.

BC Métis Federation was surprised to learn that the wife of MNBC President Bruce Dumont was recently awarded ASETS tuition and book support for a Business Administration program at Camosun College totaling $5200.00 from MNBC’s Vancouver Island office in November 2012. This is questionable on two fronts. First the ASETS program aims at providing employment and training support for Métis people and it is unclear whether Joanne is in fact Métis as per the MNBC identification process. If she is Métis then this is a relatively new revelation.

Second one must question what policies were followed to ensure no conflict of interest policies have been breached. Joanne is the wife of current MNBC President Bruce Dumont and likely has reasonable financial means. The ASETS program was designed to assist clients in need, including those with significant financial barriers. It appears quite doubtful that the needs of Joanne outweigh other Métis clients on Vancouver Island who have been denied because a lack of ASETS funds. Moreover a Business Administration program is quite general and one should further review how this is connected with actual labour market needs in Victoria. Whether Joanne’s application is valid will be open to interpretation but without the facts or full disclosure it is only fair to ask pointed questions that demand MNBC President Dumont clarifies publicly to his members.

BC Métis Federation will continue to demand action to address these situations from stopping. No one can ever say MNBC is not politically interferring in program delivery, such as the ASETS, because these actions prove otherwise, resulting in discrimination and cronyism (defined as favoritism shown to old friends without regard for their qualifications, as in political appointments to office).

I conclude with a continued call to action by all Métis people in BC. You can become a BC Métis Federation member, join our facebook group, donate funds or time to support a new vision for the Métis communities throughout BC. The evidence is undeniable and I urge people to review the facts. As I always state, the choice is yours because it is your Nation.

Thank you,
Keith Henry

Enclosures MNBC Client Training Agreement for Business Administration Program Dated November 9th, 2012
Declaration of Métis Identity signed August 22nd, 2011

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