MNBC President Dumont States MNBC Represents All Mètis Communities at Enbridge Forum

(Richmond, BC) The BC Mètis Federation announced opposition to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project in April 2012. In May 2012 the Mètis Nation British Columbia, as the other Mètis provincial representative organization, announced their support for the proposed Enbridge project. This issue has galvanized the opinions of Mètis people throughout British Columbia and today Mètis people are asking themselves a number of hard questions about the roles of any provincial Mètis representative organization.

MNBC President Bruce Dumont was invited to speak about the Mètis people and the proposed Enbridge project at an Enbridge meeting called the Community Advisory Board last Thursday, June 14th in Richmond at the River Rock Casino. This Enbridge sponsored group consists of representatives from various municipalities and stakeholders who are reviewing the proposed Enbridge project and providing feedback and asking questions. There is a number of representatives from throughout BC and participation focuses on the proposed pipeline corridor. During this recent Community Advisory Board meeting MNBC President Bruce Dumont continued his claims that he represents thirty six communities and 60,000 Mètis people and that MNBC is speaking in support of the project on behalf of the Mètis of BC.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “Bruce continued to show his contempt of the directions he has been provided by their own Mètis communities who work with MNBC. Last week Mid Island Métis Nation made a public statement that MNBC did not consult with them and they do not support Enbridge. Prior to this the Cowichan valley Mètis Nation passed a resolution against the Enbridge project. Let’s not forget North Cariboo Mètis Association from Quesnel made their position well known as well as Cariboo Chilcotin Mètis Association from Williams Lake who both indicated the same messages. Fort St. John Mètis Society also made it clear during their Annual General Meeting in May that they no longer support MNBC. The growing opposition to the MNBC decision is clear, yet despite this clear message MNBC President Dumont ignores and speaks to people who do not fully understand or appreciate the real views of Mètis people about the proposed Enbridge project.”

President Henry added, “MNBC President Dumont does not even seem to realize that today MNBC has only listed thirty three (33) Mètis communities on their website and not thirty six (36) as he stated during this recent meeting. Moreover we know today that nine (9) of the thirty three Mètis communities with MNBC are not in good standing as societies which is required according to the MNBC Community Governance Charter Agreements. We also know another nine (9) Mètis community boards are in complete opposition to the proposed Enbridge pipelines and have expressed this directly to the BC Mètis Federation. Additional resolutions and community meetings are being planned to formalize their opposition. Therefore by our calculations the MNBC board does not even have 50% of their own Mètis communities on side. Of course we know there are several other Mètis community organizations that are legitimate and working with the BC Mètis Federation. This includes Kelly Lake, North Saanich, Vancouver, Surrey, Dawson Creek, etc. and these legitimate community representative organizations also in complete opposition, not to mention our work with recent community forums and surveys to get a true picture of what Mètis people want. In fact the only Mètis community with a stated territory to be impacted by the proposed Enbridge pipeline is the Kelly Lake Mètis Settlement Society so we continue to question why MNBC and specific communities are even involved in light of the fact they have no claims or jurisdiction on the proposed project corridor?”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “MNBC President Dumont has no legitimate mandate or authority. I am 100% confident that there has not been consultation with the Mètis people of British Columbia by MNBC despite significant funding and support from government and Enbridge. I know MNBC President Dumont will carry on and mislead governments and industry about who they represent and your views on this project as well as all other matters. Mètis communities and people within MNBC need to understand that standing by and doing nothing is not the answer. You can take back your Nation from one of the worst dictatorships in Mètis history exhibited by the current entire MNBC Board. Let your voice be heard before it is too late on this project. Call your Mètis community meetings and pass resolutions against the project, consider breaking away from MNBC. You have options.“

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