MNBC Release Financial Statements to the Media but not to the Métis People of BC

The following was emailed to Bruce Dumont at the MNBC earlier today after it was learned that the MNBC had provided their financial statements to Global TV News just hours before Global was to run a feature news story on the current state of BC’s Métis  Nation’s political governance…

Good afternoon Bruce,

I am interested to hear you provided a copy of the 2010-2011 MNBC financial statements to the media today when they contacted you. I would be interested to hear why you have not released to the Metis public at large although requested by many of your own people. Just this week you recieved another letter from the North Cariboo Metis Association in Quesnel demanding a complete breakdown of the MNBC board expenses as well as the financials of the MNBC.

The MNBC financials are obviously completed yet they are not on the MNBC website in the AGM section,why not? When were these signed off? I would be interested to hear why you have yet to post any MNBC Debt Recovery updates since April 2011 despite your claims in the document itself that there would be a monthly report. Finally I would have you broken down the MNBC Board of Director expenses in the financial statements?

Please send me a copy as I requested by official correspondence originally in July 2011, plus many other follow up letters, of the 2010-2011 MNBC financials, including all subsidiaries asap.

Metis people want to know if your claim that MNBC is $2.3 million as of March 31st, 2011 was accurate. Metis people also want to understand why MNBC has not paid property taxes as of August 5th.

Regardless I look forward to receiving a scanned copy of the all MNBC 2010-2011 financials (including the school, MEETSO, and any other corporations established by this board). You can scan and email this information I assume by the end of the day today considering you just handed a copy earlier to the media.

Thank you,

Keith Henry


British Columbia Metis Federation


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