MNBC Spring Session 2012 Information Session a Disguise for Métis Consultation for Enbridge

(Vancouver, BC) This past weekend the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) held one of their first community meetings in years in the midst of growing issues facing their dysfunctional organization. MNBC continues to increase their organizational debt, make decisions without any proper mandate from their members, plus much more. MNBC continued to display their management dysfunction as the notice for this latest MNBC meeting was provided with approximately 36 hours notice only and the reports provided to the BC Métis Federation indicate the MNBC advertising about the intent of the MNBC meeting is not accurate.

MNBC had staff and committee representatives totaling as many, if not more, than participants. There was about 14 non-MNBC staff or supporters in attendance. MNBC representatives provided various information and Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines even had two representatives flown in from Alberta. The addition of Enbridge representatives was especially interesting given the MNBC poster provided on two days notice by MNBC made absolutely no mention of the Enbridge project as part of the session. The MNBC representatives were from many parts of BC and would require substantial travel support for only a handful of participants in attendance.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “This latest MNBC meeting in Abbotsford speaks volumes about the ongoing manipulation MNBC is prepared to carry out. There is no mention about Enbridge on their poster to advertise the event and yet Enbridge pays representatives to fly in for a one hour presentation. What an expenses for 14 people to listen to an MNBC cheerleading session. Apparently three left shortly after lunch. Moreover how is MNBC paying for all of their representatives to attend from Vancouver Island, Vanderhoof, etc. MNBC made it clear they would not be able to provide any travel assistance for anyone, yet in contrast I am sure MNBC representatives had all expenses and hotel costs covered.”

President Henry added; “MNBC has already made a public decision to support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project despite overwhelming opposition from Métis people in BC. I believe this MNBC decision is reflective of the loss of any legitimate mandate MNBC has any more as very few showed up this past weekend. MNBC members appear not to care after years of MNBC mismanagement, outright lack of transparency, and lack of community input on decisions that affect them.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “The real question is who is paying for all of the MNBC representatives to attend the MNBC spring 2012 information sharing sessions? Was it funding provided by Enbridge or who? Why are MNBC leaders now organizing these regional meetings so close to their next general elections in September? I think we all know why we assume select MNBC representatives and supporters will be paid by Métis funding to travel the province on their MNBC pre-election campaign. MNBC leaders, MNBC staff, and supporters are far too late in my opinion. Most Métis people have moved on from any association with MNBC and will not attend these meetings and the numbers this past weekend reflect this. I hope Métis people witness the continued lengths MNBC is using to disguise consultation for Enbridge through these efforts. That appears what these MNBC meetings are really about and nothing else. I strongly urge all Métis people in BC to consider not attending any of the future MNBC sessions. MNBC is not honest about the complete intent of these meetings in light of Enbridge participation this past weekend. The MNBC is only trying to justify their support for this project after the fact, a behaviour perpetuated by MNBC President Dumont before when we all saw the after the fact efforts to justify the purchase of the school that we know today is a complete failure.”

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