MNBC Taxes Remain Unpaid

Open letter to Mètis people, The BC Métis Federation writes today in our efforts to ensure Métis people in British Columbia can make informed decisions about the governance of our Nation. On February 1st, 2013 BC Métis Federation advised the Métis public that despite recent efforts by the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) representatives that MNBC was managing debt recovery through information meetings being held across the province, the property taxes of the Métis School remain unpaid. BC Métis Federation is sharing an updated City of Abbotsford Tax Certificate provided March 5th and once again it clearly shows MNBC remains delinquent on paying for 2012 property taxes that have now increased because of daily interest to an updated total of $118,446.83.

MNBC continues to fall deeper in debt and BC Métis Federation continues to push for MNBC to file for bankruptcy because MNBC is insolvent and functionally bankrupt. BC Métis Federation believes MNBC has significant outstanding payables and questions what is the status for youth funded projects for this current fiscal year that ends March 31st, 2013? Traditionally MNBC has supported youth projects throughout BC with an annual budget of about $300,000.00 but after further conversations with Métis community leaders it appears MNBC has not been able to support any current youth projects during this current fiscal year that ends in three weeks. It appears highly unlikely that MNBC will be able to support proper youth project delivery at this point.

MNBC is preparing for the upcoming Métis Nation Governing Assembly (MNGA) this weekend and the current resolutions appear to have very little relevance with the significant and severe issues at hand. By ignoring the real issues such as actual debt recovery, not just reducing deficit spending, BC Métis Federation questions how MNBC can be sustainable and ensure proper service delivery.
I conclude with the hopes that people will review the facts and make informed decisions. We need to do what is best for the community and families that need our support. The evidence and past actions and hollow words from MNBC prove time and time again that MNBC will do and say whatever they can to keep your support. The truth is if they had funds, MNBC would pay all outstanding debts including their property taxes.

As I always state, the choice is yours because it is your Nation.

Thank you,
Keith Henry

Enclosure Property Tax Certificate Dated March 5th, 2013 City of Abbotsford

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[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/Property-Tax-Certificate-March-5th-2013.pdf” style=”download”]Property Tax Certificate March 5th, 2013[/ilink]

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