National Aboriginal Day – A Message from the BC Metis Federation

The BC Metis Federation board and volunteer staff wish our Metis families and friends a wonderful National Aboriginal Day. Metis people throughout Canada are taking a moment to reflect and honor our community as we live on through the history of our people. We all know that our historic struggles in many ways continue today. However the Metis have been and continue to be a resilient people and we persevere through the good and the hard times. Today we face some challenges and it is becoming more important that we as Metis people work harder to ensure our culture survives for the future generations. The BC Metis Federation knows that together we can rebuild a better future; one that respects and honors First Nations protocol, one that puts Metis culture and language as a priority, and one that ensures the needs of our families and communities are first and foremost.

Thank you and have a wonder National Aboriginal Day – Proud to be Metis!


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