New Economic Development Partnership Formed with Site

(Vancouver, BC) The Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and Site Energy Services Inc. (Site) have joined together in partnership to work on obtaining bigger projects which are happening throughout the province of British Columbia.

This will allow MEDC to work with Métis businesses who are in the clearing, hauling and trucking industry, as well as possibilities with reclamation and environmental engineering companies.

Site Energy Services Inc. is a well know company with a good reputation in the industry, along with their sister companies Bear Slashing Inc. and Force Pile Driving Inc.

MEDC Executive Director Shauna Benson stated; “MEDC will be asking Métis businesses and Métis individuals who are already in these fields or have some training in these areas to come forward to be included in upcoming projects. If you already have your certification, there may be possibility of work happening sooner within this new partnership. If you are looking to be certified, we ask that you contact us now, so we can look at possibilities and have you and/or your business ready when these bigger projects start.”

This is only one of the partnerships that the Métis Economic Development Corporation is engaged in.

Last month Métis Economic Development Corporation signed a joint venture with DOMCOR, Security and Medical Services and has put together a bid for TransCanada.

MEDC Chair Keith Henry concluded; “MEDC are open to help all Métis businesses and Métis Individuals. Métis Economic Development Corporation is a non political, for profit entity and these partnerships will help with future employment as well as support for Métis businesses.”

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