NEW POLL- If the Provincial Election was called today who would you vote for?

BC Metis Federation current online poll leading to the provincial election can be found below to continue to review how Metis people feel about the upcoming election.

[polldaddy poll=6942543]

BC Metis Federation held their first online poll in February to get an initial view of how Metis people feel about the upcoming Provincial election slated for May 2013. There are an estimated 60,000 Metis in BC, an estimated 40,000 voters and many of the 84 provincial ridings can be impacted by Metis voters.

With only months before the provincial election the first BC Metis Federation poll revealed a extremely strong response and large majority support with 72% for the Provincial NDP. The current ruling Provincial Liberals were far behind in the initial poll which BC Metis Federation believes is a direct reflect of the current Provincial Liberal Government’s inability to address policies and actions that have contributed to the continued mismanagement and misrepresentation of Metis interests, programs and consultation.

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