North Saanich Michif Society Forum Saturday, March 23rd, 2013


March 23rd at 1 p m at the St. Paul’s United Church 2410 Malaview Ave Sidney, BC

George and Terry Goulet will be on hand to answer questions about the Jan 9th Supreme Court Judgment (Daniels Case) in favour of the applicants that for the sake of law, Métis will be considered ” Indians” legally, the same as Inuit peoples.  There was also the recent Supreme Court Decision of the Manitoba Métis Federation regarding the lack of action as proposed under the Manitoba Act of 1870, Section 31.

George Goulet is a retired Lawyer ( Manitoba ) and will help us to understand these Judgments .

This meeting is open to Métis and anyone interested in these cases.

A donation of $5.00 is suggested to cover hall rental.

For further Information call or e-mail

Richard  Lucier-larson
Suite 217- 2433 Malaview Ave.
Sidney B.C.

Phone: 1 (778) 426-4117

Read George Goulet’s Bio
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Read Terry Goulet’s Bio
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