North Saanich Michif Society Leads Vancouver Island Métis Movement to BCMF

(Vancouver, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) President Keith Henry and VP Daryl Piper traveled to Vancouver Island in June, just north of Victoria to North Saanich, to present the BCMF story of ‘How We Got Here’ to a group of interested Métis people who have been following the ongoing development of for former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens that has now become the BCMF.

From that meeting in June has come the second Statement of Cooperation (SOC) between a Métis community organization and the BCMF. The North Saanich Michif Society (NSMS) and its twenty three members and their children are now partners with BCMF and have taken the brave step to belonging to a Métis political and government structure that is solely focused on making life better for Métis families, elders, youth, women, and veterans through a Métis cultural revitalization and governing with accountability and integrity.

Founding President Keith Henry stated his ambition for BCMF quite clearly “Having traveled the province of British Columbia and heard the overwhelming voices of Métis people demanding change in their Métis governance I am committed, as is the entire BCMF Board of Directors, to bringing about the change that puts our culture first and rebuilds confidence in government that Métis people have called for. The days of being embarrassed by unprofessional antics of the amateurish personal attacks of the MNBC are over and Métis people can once again hold their heads high and be proud of who they are and what their Métis government represents.”

NSMS Vice President Richard Lucier-larson stated; “I have been involved within the Métis movement for years. I have been witness to many challenges and our decision in North Saanich was not made lightly. We watched the former CCMC evolve into the BCMF. It is clear to us that their results at the new BCMF speak volumes about their care and concern for our people. I have come to know these BCMF founding leaders and I know they are not being paid to travel around the province or support Métis culture. They have achieved so much and I am proud to work with BCMF for the betterment of our Métis members in North Saanich.”

In yet another MNBC controversy this week’s edition of Coffee Talk is going to be hot and brewing over with details of just how bad things are deep inside the MNBC organization. A former staff member has made the courageous decision to go live on camera this Thursday, July 14th with host and Founding BCMF President Keith Henry to share factual reports of her experiences at the hands of MNBC President and CEO Bruce Dumont and his MNBC Board of Directors and management.

This Thursday at 7:30PM Coffee Talk will also have it doors wide open for the appearance of MNBC President and CEO Bruce Dumont to defend his unwarranted attacks on the reputation of Coffee Talk host Keith Henry. Dumont penned a media release last week that rivaled the famous National Enquirer for misstatements, innuendo, unsubstantiated rumor mongering and plain old-fashioned fibbing in the press. In a show of generous spirit Host Keith Henry offered Dumont, the falling MNBC President and CEO an on camera place in front of the thousands of online Coffee Talk viewers to explain the false and misleading statements he made in his media release.

Dumont’s presence on the show will result in the largest audience that the MNBC President has ever appeared before and is an ideal opportunity for the CEO to explain to the Métis people many issues that confuse them beginning with why MNBC has accumulated a crippling $2,3000,000 in debt in such a short period of time.

The final word on last week’s First Nation Welcoming Protocol goes to BCMF Founding President Keith Henry; “As long as I live I will never forget my emotions as I stood on stage with Squamish Chief Ian Campbell, Musqueam Councilor Wade Grant and Tsleil Waututh representative Dennis Thomas to receive an official First Nations welcoming protocol for the Métis Trading Post and Artisan Exhibit at Klahowya Village. It was an extraordinary moment in our history and I was humbled to have played a role in bringing everyone together for this magnificent commemorative celebration. No matter what further accomplishment may occur in my career and my lifetime, that evening will remain paramount as those First Nations leaders stood on stage and offered their hands in partnership and their spirits in support for all Métis people as we fight for our identities, our culture and our self respect within the Canadian social fabric.”

Remember the Métis Matters Radio Show is today (Wednesday at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM) on 102.7 fm. BCMF founding President Keith Henry and Vice President Daryl Piper will be in studios to answer any calls. The call in number is 1-604-684-7561.


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