North Saanich Michif Society (NSMS) Celebrates Success at Luxton Fall Fair

The event has come and gone, it was very successful in promoting the knowledge of the Métis culture and meeting many Métis who live in the Greater Victoria area.

NSMS started at 7. a.m. Saturday, September 17th morning with NSMS representatives setting up three tables with bead-worked moccasins, vests, capotes , photos , displays, finger weaving loom, flags, scrapbooks buffalo Robe, furs and many other artifacts relating to Métis history.

On Saturday NSMS talked to over 100 people who stopped, asked questions and read the NSMS material. Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturdays event with approximately 200 people stopping by with inquiries and comments and many intelligent questions, which confirmed that many Canadians are still not aware of who the Métis are and their place in history.

After reading the recent BCMF newsletter and an example BCMF card, Métis people in attendance indicated they were disappointed in developments regarding the MNBC. People indicated they would involve themselves in Métis events once this matter was resolved.

Some attendees recognized NSMS representatives from past involvement with the Red River West Métis Rendezvous and asked if that was going to be revived. Some Métis people also asked about the affairs of the Métis Nation but said they were just curious bystanders, these people usually wore an Infinity Flag pin the same as mine. NSMS answered their question truthfully and the odd one said they were very happy someone was promoting the Métis culture at the grassroots level for a change.

NSMS representatives felt the Luxton Fall Fair was a success, the food and weather was good, the fair had many good displays. The operating of antique machinery was very well carried out.

NSMS recognizes their member Jeanette who was with NSMS throughout the event. NSMS was supported on Sunday with assistance from NSMS members Susan, her daughter Elizabeth, Husband Scot, a non- Métis friend Albert, the black powder Group “Malahat Marauders” and especially Parry Chow who asked us to participate and offered support throughout.

Finally NSMS want so especially recognize “Bonnie”, the Luxton Fall Fair Event Coordinator who treated NSMS representatives so well.

Richard Lucier-larson

Vice President

North Saanich Michif Society

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