North Saanich Michif Society Opposes Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project

(Saanich, BC)In a meeting held on Saturday June 9nd 2012 the North Saanich Michif Society (NCMS) unanimously passed a resolution to oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. BC Mètis Federation VP Daryl Piper and Director Joe Desjarlais were in attendance to witness this historic event.

NSMS VP Richard Lucier invited the BC Métis Federation to attend their community meeting and thought it was important since the NSMS had signed a Statement of Cooperation with the BC Métis Federation in July 2011. The meeting had representation from Cowichan Valley, Black Mountain and Sidney. Those in attendance discussed the Musqueam Nation and their ongoing battle with the Provincial Government to protect their ancestor’s burial remains and it was recognized that the Métis must support the Musqueam. The discussion went on include the latest events unfolding at the Métis Nation British Columbia and within the Aboriginal community; however the most contentious issue was the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project.

BC Métis Federation Vice President Mr. Daryl Piper stated, “We continue our commitment to attend community meetings when requested. There is nothing more important for the BC Métis Federation in our approach to responsible and effective community based governance. The opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project by the NSMS sends another clear message to the government along with corporate interests that the Métis people and the First Nations cannot be bought.”

BC Métis Federation Board Member Mr. Joe Desjarlais added, “The Métis are well on their way to rewriting their history a paving their way to Nationhood.”
NSMS President Mr. Richard Lucier concluded, “The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project is not worth the risk to the environment and it threatens our very existence. There is no benefits to this Métis community and any statements suggestion 60% of Métis people in this province support the Enbridge project are wrong. We speak for our community, not MNBC.”

Everyone in attendance agreed the Enbridge project threatens everyone in the province and not just Aboriginal people. The meeting was very positive and the feeling by all was that Métis culture is about the community sitting down and having an open honest discussion where everyone’s opinion counts. Preserving Métis culture and heritage and supporting our Métis community.

The BC Métis Federation would like to thank NSMS VP Richard Lucier and NSMS members and guests for the invitation to attend this community meeting.

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