Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society Joins BC Métis Federation

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Mètis Federation continues growth from the success of the first year of operations and recent Annual General Meeting by announcing today the next Métis community to sign a Statement of Cooperation. The Statement of Cooperation is an agreement created by the BC Métis Federation to acknowledge the representative roles of each organization to serve the political and socio-economic interests of Mètis people.

The Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society (NIMCS) has been established in Prince George as a new Métis representative organization representing the interests and needs of the Mètis community in Prince George. There is a strong group of founding board members led by their President Patrick Pocha who has been involved in his community for several years.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “The BC Métis Federation is pleased to finalize the agreement with NIMCS. There is growing unrest in Prince George where Métis people want a community based organization free from MNBC and the divisive politics. Many of the new NIMCS leaders have been involved in the Métis movement for years and feel it is time for a completely new way of doing things to better serve their community.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “We continue our work to align interests with several other community organizations throughout BC who want a new future. They see the growth, commitment and dedication with the BC Métis Federation. We understand the importance to have a proper community voice in Prince George and this will enable that voice to be heard. We hope the Métis community in Prince George will rally and support NIMCS leaders by becoming members and support rebuilding Métis governance in BC with the BC Métis Federation.”
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