Nova Métis Community in Surrey Continues Fight Against Ongoing Bad Politics from Métis Nation BC

BC Métis Federation is sharing a letter sent yesterday by the Nova Métis Heritage Association in Surrey, BC to the Métis Nation BC. This organization represents over 2000 Métis members and they have agreements to work with Métis Nation BC as well as the BC Métis Federation.

This is one of over 30 Métis community associations in BC and their organization has called many issues into question regarding Métis Nation BC. Since January Métis Nation BC has made false allegations and taken great steps to undermine Nova’s legitimate standing to represent their members.

The actions of Métis Nation BC staff and leadership demonstrate the contempt for Métis self government and professionalism. BC Métis Federation strongly encourages Métis people, industry partners and governments to read the details, especially the Nova response yesterday.

Métis Nation BC’s allegations against Nova in January are in fact proven incorrect. This dysfunctional organization perpetuates injustice by taking drastic steps to attempt to “kick” out Métis community organizations who do not agree with Métis Nation BC. This latest example is not new and why many Métis continue to call for Métis governance reform in BC.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Click here to read the MNBC Letter of Response to Nova on March 31, 2017.[/ilink]
[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Click here to read Nova’s 2015 Financial Statements.[/ilink]
[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Click here to read Nova’s Letter to MNBC on April 5th, 2017.[/ilink]

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