Petitioning Provincial and Federal Government to perform a formal investigation

A Metis Citizens Petition has been circulating the web the last few days….

MNBC, MNC, and individuals within the organization should be further investigated based on the findings of the audits of the Hallux Consultants Inc and supporting documentation of the annexes.

The Métis People of British Columbia and the Tax Payers of British Columbia want right action and financial spending accountability for the tax payers dollars awarded to MNBC and/or MNC that have come into questionable conduct and as a result of the Hallux Consultation Inc. and the supporting annexes documents that entitles MNBC and MNC direct and sole financial management of Métis Funding on behalf of Métis People in British Columbia. The audit results and annexes demonstrate questionable financial mismanagement that appear to be caused by unethical and possibly illegal leadership and board financial spending and decision making, which may be resulting in direct and indirect consequences if not at the expense of the Métis People who were to be awarded the benefits of the financial dollars to improve their quality of livelihood and employment conditions/circumstances.

The initial audit findings and annexes have demonstrated enough concern from the Métis People in BC and general tax payers to bring this petition of the Métis and General tax paying people for the Métis people. Currently the Hallux Consultation Inc and supporting annexes documentation have not motivated the Provincial or Federal Government Leadership to perform the necessary formal next steps in examining the actions and decisions of MNBC and MNC corporate entities. We the Métis and Tax Paying people are calling for actions steps and a thorough investigation of the tax payer dollars and the examination into the lack of accessible program services which were agreed upon through Federal Program Fundings with MNBC to support BC Métis People.

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