Peyak Li Moond Métis Society Thanks BC Métis Federation

Prince George, BC – BC Métis Federation has committed to supporting partner communities and organizations throughout British Columbia. BC Métis Federation has demonstrated ongoing commitment to support partner’s communities with Métis culture since being established in 2011. This includes consistent annual investments to support summer cultural events.

Peyal Li Moond Métis Society (Peyak) is a Métis cultural organization located in Prince George and they hosted the Roots Music Festival this past August. BC Métis Federation contributed funding as requested and supported on site volunteers during the event. The Roots Music Festival was a success with hundreds of local residents and members attending. This week Peyak sent a letter to the BC Métis Federation thanking them for the support.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Thank you to Peyak President Sean Bellamy and Vice President Bonita Gunton for issuing this letter of appreciation. This letter is a positive demonstration of how organizations can work together. BC Métis Federation was one of many supporting partners and it is through positive partnerships that we can all make a difference.”

BC Métis Federation President concluded, “Our board appreciates the letter of appreciation and we look forward to constructive work into the future. Our joint focus in why BC Métis Federation and communities such as Peyak are making a real difference in why we can all be proud to be Métis.”

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