Phase II – Fisheries Act Review Survey

The BC Métis Federation is involved in the ongoing review of environmental policy and law in Canada. The consultation office is seeking feedback from members in order to communicate your knowledge, your needs, and your recommendations to the Crown. A summary of the work conducted to date is presented below.

The Fisheries Act was changed in 2012 under the Harper Government. There was no consultation with BC Métis Federation members regarding these changes. The Trudeau Government is seeking to restore the protections fish and fish habitat that were lost with the 2012 changes, and began consultations on the matter in 2015. Their findings are published in this report.

The rights of Indigenous people, and consultation and collaboration with Indigenous people, is an express priority of the Government for this environmental review, and are summarized in this report. The report produced by the committee gathering input can be viewed here.

In brief, four themes emerged from consultation, and the Government would like to know how best to move forward with various initiatives under each one:

  1. Working with Indigenous peoples in the planning and management of fisheries
  2. Working with Indigenous peoples in regulatory and enforcement activities
  3. Partnering with Indigenous communities
  4. Monitoring and reporting

It is these themes that the Government is seeking input for during this phase of Fisheries Act review – how best to go about this work? The consultation office has prepared a short survey for members to express their opinion on these matters.

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Please contact Kelly Davison, Consultation Director, with any questions or for more information at (778) 789 6448.

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