President Keith Henry responds to Superintendent Nixon’s Exclusion of Metis Students and families

Recently, a survey of a small segment of the land surrounding St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School has identified 93 sites of “potential human burials.”  The news has brought up wounds for many families in the surrounding areas, including those of our members and partner communities. A concerned parent reached out to BCMF President, Keith Henry after receiving a letter from Dr Rhonda Nixon (Superintendent of Schools, Kamloops-Thompson district). The letter written by Dr Nixon expressed concern and condolences for the local First Nations and provided support and resources. However well-intended, the letter neglected to include any mention of Metis families or students and sparked outrage amongst community members that are constantly neglected and excluded from conversations that deeply affect them. President Henry views this as an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with Dr Nixon.

To read the letter, click here.

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