Prince George Proves Idle No More Continues Momentum

(Prince George, BC) Over 60 Idle No More supporters braved the cold, snow, and the wind to prove Idle No More shows no signs of slowing down despite less media interest. There were drummers, dancers, First Nations, Métis, and mainstream public in attendance to lend their support for the rally. The message that continues to resonate at these rallies is that Aboriginal people and all peoples of this country will remain united because this has become a human rights issue and bill C-45 must be repealed, our environment will not be destroyed by likes of companies such as Enbridge, Kinder Morgan Canada or any other oil companies aided by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Patrick Pocha President of the Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society and one of the organizers stated; “I was a little concerned because of the weather and despite the bitter cold these Idle No More supporters remain committed and this rally was a success. In fact there is an Idle No More week planned for week of March 2nd to March 8th at the University of Northern BC.”

BC Métis Federation Vice President Mr Daryl Piper was also in attendance and stated: “It was truly an honour to be part of the Idle No More rally and the BC Métis Federation will continue to support these rallies because of what is at stake here. We need to educate all people of this country that bill C-45 will take away your rights, freedoms and leave this country with virtually no environmental protection and allow the corporatization of our country. I want to thank Patrick and all the organizers and all who participated in this rally and ensure everyone that the BC Métis Federation remains committed in our support of Idle No More.”

Prince GeorgeBC Metis Federation President Henry concluded; “Thank you to both VP Piper and Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society President Patrick Pocha for continuing to lead by example. It is our actions that define how the rest of our Métis community sees us. The value of standing for what we believe in is a precious commodity but we must stand together with all Aboriginal people and take respectful action. The manner in which the Federal Government continues its arbitrary legislation is not exclusive to bill C-45. In fact we now see it being forced through other bills that impact the relationship with all Aboriginal people despite being constitutionally questionable and without any real consultation with Aboriginal people. We can and will carry on through actions and I thank each of you and the other Métis people from Prince George who showed courage and commitment by attending yesterday. It is all of our futures at stake.”

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