Provincial NDP Letter to BC Metis Federation Signals Commitment to Partnership

BC Metis Federation is sharing a letter received this week by the Provincial NDP Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Critic Scott Fraser that further confirms a commitment to continue working together.  Critic Fraser has continued to meet with BC Metis Federation leadership as requested to understand the importance of hearing about the issues important to the approximate 6300 members represented by the BC Metis Federation and their affiliated Metis communities.

The BC Metis Federation has made several attempts to work with the current Liberal led Provincial Government but despite verbal commitments by the Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Honourable Ida Chong to BC Metis Federation representatives in September, there has been no real progress. In fact by contrast the Minister announced a new urban planning process for Aboriginal people but excluded a participatory role of the BC Metis Federation only a few short weeks ago in December.

BC Metis Federation leaders will continue an aggressive advocacy role with any Provincial Government party that recognizes the importance of having all Metis people involved to address issues. The current Idle No More movement is a reflection of the growing frustration and more must be done to support all Metis people in BC and the rest of Canada.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/KEITH-HENRY-PRES-BC-METIS-FED-JAN2013-1.pdf” style=”download”]Letter from NDP Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Critic Scott Fraser[/ilink]

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