Racist Actions by MCFD

Premier Christy Clark 
Province of British Columbia 
Honourable Stephanie Cadieux 
Minister of Children and Family Development (MCFD) 
Province of British Columbia

Re: Métis Child Adoption Placement Actions by MCFD 

Dear Premier and Minister,

The BC Métis Federation has learned this week that staff within the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) involved in the case of “SS” have decided to not allow this Métis foster child to participate in our Métis cultural event this Saturday in Burnaby: http://bcmetis.com/2016/02/community-gathering-for-ss-february-13/.

While we respect the court processes of confidentiality it is clear that MCFD staff have decided that Métis culture is not a part of this Métis child’s life. MCFD is aware BC Métis Federation is working to be interveners in the case and we view this action as another example of institutional discrimination and racism against the BC Métis Federation, the foster family, and foster child.

The BC Métis Federation itself is a community that has decided to gather and support members by sharing Métis culture with the Métis foster family and “SS”. We have every right to share our Métis culture and support for the family as we have done in this case and will continue to do so. This young Métis child would only be surrounded by our community with love and support. She would hear Métis song and dance and this is in her best interests. By contrast serious questions need to be asked of any MCFD staff about why would someone decide to not allow this child to participate in her Métis culture? There is no harm and in fact this would show this child and foster family that they are not alone, that our Métis community cares and there are many resources to support these families. Regardless of our current legal differences this is clear racism.

I urge an immediate reversal of this decision and these actions by MCFD are not in this child’s best interest whatsoever. Common sense must prevail here and we are asking your offices to immediately intervene and reverse this irrational decision.


Thank you,

Keith Henry 
BC Métis Federation 
#300 – 3665 Kingsway, 
Vancouver, BC 
V5R 5WT 
Telephone: (604) 638-7220 
BC Métis Federation Board Members 
Ron and Lauretta Morin 
Legal Counsel 

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