Rafe Mair – Featured Guest on Metis Coffee Talk Thursday, January 24th at 7:30 PM PST

BC Metis Federation continues efforts to communicate with the Metis and friends of the Metis throughout BC and across the country. The continued growth of the online show Metis Coffee Talk is a testament to the public discussions about issues that matter.

Metis Coffee Talk will host and interview Rafe Mair as our special guest this week. Rafe Mair is a former lawyer, cabinet minister and scratch golfer who went into honest work and became a broadcaster and writer on public affairs. During his public career Mair was the British Columbia minister responsible for constitutional affairs leading up to the patriation of the Canadian Constitution, and through 1980 attended all the critical meetings either as Premier Bennett’s representative or adviser. He has a unique insight and training into political and constitutional matters having traveled extensively researching these matters. Included in this research were trips to Germany to evaluate their bicameral federal system, Switzerland to learn about their federation with its theme of participatory democracy and the United States, courtesy of the State Department, for an in depth study of the inter-relationship of the White House and Congress as well as relations between state governments and Washington.

Rafe will be asked to share his views on the current growing Idle No More movement and why he suggested First Nations leaders should not meet with Prime Minister Harper.

This will be an exciting show and click here to watch live at 7:30 PM this Thursday.

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