Respected Mètis Elder Romley Goulet Terminates MNBC Citizenship Card

(Quesnel, BC) One of the most respected titles an individual can hold in our Mètis community is the recognition as a Mètis elder. A Mètis elder is not defined by age alone in which some Mètis people think being fifty five (55) years of age and older means you are an “elder”. Many of our Mètis people know being an “elder” is a title bestowed on individuals who understand the culture, share traditional values, and have served our Mètis communities over the years.

Romley Goulet lives in Quesnel and has been a recognized Mètis elder for years. Romley recently lost his dear wife Marge who was also another well known and respect Mètis elder. Romley is respected for speaking a Mètis traditional language, participating in his community, and years of Mètis cultural performances and support to teach the Mètis people about our songs and fiddle music. In a recent letter Romley informed BC Mètis Federation President Mr. Keith Henry about his decision to terminate his MNBC citizenship card. In this letter Romley further announced his support of the BC Mètis Federation and his respect for the volunteer work completed by the BC Mètis Federation leadership to support Mètis people.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “The letter from Romley was touching and sincere. He has stood back and watched and made a decision to terminate on his own from the Mètis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). His reasons speak for themselves and I hope people read his message very carefully.”

President Henry added, “Romley is a respected Mètis elder and we will do all we can to support Romley, his family and community in our future work with the BC Mètis Federation. Romley now joins the hundreds of other Mètis individuals and families who do not feel the MNBC serves the values or cultural needs they want.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you Romley for the powerful message you sent to me. It means so much to read your words and your actions to support the BC Mètis Federation continue to show the growing support we are seeing each day. MNBC continues to lose respected community leaders such as Romley as a result of their own actions and that being no meaningful community engagement, no cultural support, and on and on. Thank you my friend Romley for being brave enough to stand up and say enough!”

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[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/Romley-Goulet-Letter-to-Terminate-MNBC-Card1.pdf” style=”download”]Romley Goulet Letter to Terminate MNBC Card[/ilink]

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