Save the Fraser Declaration Signing – Metis and First Nations Come Together

The BC Metis Federation is providing the agenda for the Save the Fraser Declaration signing tomorrow. As previously reported the BC Metis Federation has been requested to join First Nation leaders in opposition to transporting increased tar sands oil through British Columbia which has impacts on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project as well as the Kinder Morgan TransMountain Project expansion.

History is being made as Metis and First Nations formalize one of the only such agreements ever in British Columbia. The agenda includes several key speakers from First Nations and various municipal governments. This signing comes as public support for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project continues to fall according to polls released today on CTV. In fact despite millions invested by Enbridge in recent ad campaigns attempting to sell the benefits of jobs and community investments, the public opposition has grown to approximately 60% of British Columbians now opposed to the project, up a reported 8% since this past September alone.

BC Metis Federation strongly encourages Metis people to attend tomorrow AM and watch this historic event.

Special Edition of Metis Coffee Talk Tomorrow – Coverage begins at 9:00 AM

BC Metis Federation will provide live coverage tomorrow AM for those who cannot attend to watch the signing by the BC Metis Federation for the Save the Fraser Declaration. This will be a great way Metis people across the province can hear the various leadership speak about the importance of standing together in opposition to the projects that threaten the Aboriginal communities and all British Columbians.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/Save-the-Fraser-Anniversary-Press-Conference-Agenda.pdf” style=”download”]Save the Fraser Anniversary Press Conference Agenda[/ilink]

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