SHAW TV Interested in Programming Métis Coffee Talk on Channel 4 Vancouver & throughout British Columbia

(Vancouver, BC) In the eight months that the only Métis online show called Métis Coffee Talk has been operating its audience has grown from a few hundred in the very beginning to 10,000 viewers for special guests such as Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

The Métis Coffee Talk show has featured celebrations from the Métis training post and artisan exhibit last summer, Métis historical reflection, Métis culture, to professional examination of the misleading financial year end figures for Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and with these hot stories the audiences have continued to grow.As an online show Métis Coffee Talk can monitor and track IP addresses allowing a very detailed database of just who is tuning in. Not surprisingly the audience is diverse from elected officials and their bureaucratic staff to individual organizations, businesses with interest in Aboriginal partnerships and a national group of Aboriginal, Inuit, Métis and regular Canadians interested in seeing Canada through the lens of Métis people.

Host and moderator Mr. Keith Henry has proven to be as popular among viewers as he is thorough in his show content, a fact that was on display in his recent programs about the controversial and contentious Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project running from the Athabasca tar sands across northern British Columbia rivers and towns through to the pristine west coast waters off the BC coastline. The thorough work ethic, strong journalistic integrity inherent in every Métis Coffee Talk Show has not only attracted loyal viewers from across Canada, but it even reaches places throughout the world including the United States, China, Italy, and several other key locations.

The BC Métis Federation communication operations received permission to open a dialogue with the programming department at SHAW Channel to get a sense of their interest in taking the show to another level of production and technology. Their response was positive offering studio technical assistance in edit suite training and news camera operations in an effort to make the show Métis Coffee Talk becoming part of the weekly programming schedule on SHAW TV Channel 4. The opportunity to present world and current events, Métis and Aboriginal culture, music, history and ancient storytelling to Canadian viewers through the lens of Métis people is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us to get to know each other in new ways. The Métis Coffee Talk team and its host Mr. Keith Henry look forward to putting together a weekly show that reflects a greater understanding of the times we are in and scrutiny we must possess of those who are currently leading our politics and economy.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “This continues to be an incredible journey. The BC Métis Federation began this online show to reach out and connect Métis people throughout BC to discuss the issues affecting our lives. Originally we anticipated to host 4 shows beginning last May. To see today that the show Métis Coffee Talk will take next steps to a large network is nothing short of unbelievable.”

President Henry concluded, “We expect to air our first show by June 2012 on the Shaw cable network. We will maintain our current online delivery until June to ensure our growing audience can tune in to the key topics, news and stories affecting our lives. I thank our loyal followers and supporters, your patience and support as we have grown has been appreciated. The future for the BC Métis Federation will bring our sense of pride back to so many of us in our nation in BC.”
The BC Métis Federation expects to announce further and more complete details as we complete a final agreement to produce and broadcast Métis Coffee Talk in the major leagues of cable broadcasting.

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