Support for Métis Communities Christmas Events

BC Métis Federation is providing a contribution to partner communities to host Christmas events cross the province.

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Statement of Cooperation Signatories

Nova Métis Heritage Association 
Vancouver Métis Citizens Society 
Fort St. John Métis Society 
Dawson Creek Métis Federation 
Cariboo Chilcotin Métis Association 
Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society 
Skeena River Métis Community Association

 Re: BC Métis Federation Christmas Donation

Dear Métis Community Statement of Cooperation Leaders,

The BC Métis Federation continues our work to support the needs of Métis people throughout British Columbia. Our commitment remains steadfast and our board and staff continue all efforts to ensure progress.

One of our core values as a provincial Métis representative organization since establishment in June 2011 continues to be support for Métis communities who have agreed to work with the BC Métis Federation. As such our board understands that we need to support and enable capacity building throughout BC where Métis people work and live.

Therefore please accept the enclosed $250.00 cheque sent on behalf of the BC Métis Federation as approved Saturday, November 22nd that we encourage your organizations to use to support Métis families in need this holiday season. We understand for many Métis families that this time of year brings added pressure of expenses. We hope these resources can be used to support those members in need or host a community celebration to raise awareness of our Métis culture..

BC Métis Federation continues to secure sustainable resources for the future. Please be assured we will continue efforts to support Statement of Cooperation communities in every way.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions at 1-604-638-7220.

Thank you.

Keith Henry 
BC Métis Federation 

cc BC Métis Federation Board of Directors

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