There is No Accountability for Métis in Canada

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

(Vancouver, BC) BC Métis Federation leadership is disappointed to read the latest response from the RCMP regarding a complaint filed in 2014 against the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). The RCMP has outlined in their letter that the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Assessment and Investigative Branch has jurisdiction.

BC Métis Federation was the first to uncover the details of a compliance audit completed by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) on the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and programs funded by the department through this organization. The poor financial management of MNBC has been one of several issues identified by the former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens (CCMC) and carried forward by the BC Métis Federation since 2011. It is well known today that MNBC is millions on debt and insolvent which will somehow one day have to be repaid.

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “The letter from the RCMP comes as no surprise really. There continues to be an attitude in governments and policing institutions that mismanagement of public funds is not in their interests. Only last week the media reported on how AANDC was working on increasing First Nations transparency. Yet on Métis issues organizations that have clearly misused millions in public funds do not even have to pay these funds back.” BC Metis Federation President Henry concluded, “It was a misinformed reply as BC Métis Federation did file numerous complaints with AANDC and specifically this assessment and investigation department. BC Métis Federation was never provided a letter although media reports indicated AANDC was satisfied that the issues in the compliance audit were addressed. We strongly disagree and over $2 million was misspent with clear evidence in the Hallux Audit of misuse of funds; doubling billing, wages paid there were not eligible, plus several gross examples of contract misuse. MNBC was never required to repay this money to the Canadian public or the Métis people of BC and Canada, much like the Métis National Council. There truly is two sets of public office standards in Canada. One where Federal Members of Parliament are charges for poor decisions on spending less than $2000.00 and the other with Aboriginal organizations like the MNBC where millions are misspent and no accountability back to our Métis public. This is why many of our communities cannot move forward. The RCMP letter is a sad example of the layers of incompetence in this country and not right.”

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