Vancouver Community Meeting Signals Strengths

(North Vancouver, BC) – The BC Métis Federation arranged a community meeting this past weekend with the members in the Vancouver area. The meeting was a result of recent actions which brought about the need to discuss community governance. BC Métis Federation leaders arranged cultural performances as well as an agenda which asked key questions such as what do the members in the Vancouver area want going forward.

There was approximately 50 people in attendance and a number of new members were provided their BC Métis Federation membership card. There was a strong sense of community appreciation for the work of BC Métis Federation and many members were confused about recent developments for community governance being forced on them without their input by the former Métis partner organization in Vancouver. It was clear members want to support grassroots initiatives and want an active local community organization.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This was an excellent meeting. The questions and conversations were open and solution based. Members wanted clarification and were willing to support positive future work. There was agreement to move forward with new initiatives in the Vancouver area to support the proposed Louis Riel Symposium on the exoneration of Louis Riel in November 2015.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “There was an agreement to move forward with a new community organization Van City Métis Federation. A number of individuals have put their names forward to incorporate the organization for the members in the Vancouver area. I know our board is committed to supporting this work and the new community board will be announced in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who attended and the support for the BC Métis Federation was obvious.

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