Vancouver Métis Citizens Society Successful AGM

(Vancouver, BC) On June 14th 2014, BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry and Vice President Daryl Piper attended the Vancouver Métis Citizens Society (VMCS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in the BC Métis Federation office located at 300- 3665 Kingsway in Vancouver. BC Métis Federation President Mr. Henry chaired the meeting at the request of the VMCS members in attendance.

The meeting was well attended. The meeting was productive where various issues were discussed including membership, culture, and more community involvement. The member in attendance agreed that more meetings need to take place within the boundaries of the VMCS including Vancouver, Squamish, Pender Harbour, and other locations. BC Métis Federation President Mr. Henry gave an update regarding the latest issues affecting the Métis people.

A VMCS board election was held and former Interim President Mr. Ron Paradis was elected as President along with existing board and some new board members. The VMCS board made a commitment to work together in the best interests of the Métis people and preserve Métis culture and traditions for the next generation. This included holding a community barbeque in July and a date would be finalized soon.

VMCS President Ron Paradis commented,” we are moving forward in a positive direction as we always have and I am excited to work in a positive direction with our VMCS board of directors for the betterment of our Métis people.”

All in attendance were optimistic about the future of Métis people in the Vancouver area and everyone had confidence in VMCS President Ron Paradis’s strong leadership abilities.

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “BC Mètis Federation will continue to work with the leadership and membership of VMCS. There is a lot to do in the area and we have started to take a number of steps to support the role and leadership input with VMCS. Thank you to the board members for the work to date and we look forward to future work together.”
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