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Re: Vindication and Justice for President Henry

Members and Partners,

I am writing today to share one of the most powerful examples of the shameful behaviors of the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). It comes as no secret that the BC Métis Federation and MNBC do not agree on many issues as the two provincial Métis representative organizations in BC. However, last week I was notified that the MNBC formally withdrew their legal action against me and in effect this decision completely vindicates my position of concerns I raised years ago.

This comes after MNBC representatives, including current MNBC President Dumont, filed a legal claim against me in 2010. In 2010 I was raising serious concerns about specific issues related to six key issues as part of the former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens. During this time I was deeply concerned about the inappropriate purchase of the school in Abbotsford, misguided claims about the profitability of a catering company, MNBC election issues, use of lawyers by MNBC to threaten and intimidate Métis people, ballooning MNBC organizations debt, lack of Métis cultural support, and no clear MNBC business plan.

As I attempted to address these issues within the dysfunctional MNBC governance, MNBC took several steps to discredit and attack me professionally, personally, and publicly. These MNBC tactics included launching lawsuits, both of which have been withdrawn now officially by MNBC.

Today we know these actions have been observed by many in the Métis community as disappointing. Some backed MNBC actions and relished in the false of sense of confidence that justice would somehow be served. Others were frustrated and walked away. Many newer members are not fully aware but have heard negative and unfounded statements against me and my role at the BC Métis Federation.

The problem with the attempted MNBC legal claims is that any claim must be proven and one cannot be charged if there is truth to what was stated. It was clear in preparation for trial over the years that MNBC representatives were less than confident to advance their case as information was prepared.

BC Métis Federation has grown and many within the Métis community are excited and moving forward with the BC Métis Federation. The six issues of concern in 2010 were all proven and have left MNBC at the lowest and most ineffective it has ever been in the history of that organization.

I am completely vindicated and I thank the supporters and communities who have stood strong that we need a Métis representative organization that is truly able to represent the cultural, economic and social needs of their members and communities. I will continue working with our team at the BC Métis Federation to achieve this vision.

I invite Métis people to put this organization and these sorts of actions behind us, let’s move forward with hope and create a better future. Some of you may not be fully aware of this situation but for those that do, this irony of this outcome for MNBC and their supporters will be a very bitter pill to swallow that is if these individuals are even aware of the MNBC decision to withdraw and settle the frivolous lawsuit against me. I expect MNBC President Dumont and his board have kept this issue closed because of the optics.

While I have been deeply frustrated over the years with these MNBC frivolous actions, I know we all need to move forward and past this nonsense. I am fully committed to be a part of the positive future.

In the end MNBC was forced to pay some of my legal fees. Over the years MNBC spent considerable money to prepare a case they never advanced and while some reflect on the results here, I hope they ask MNBC serious questions about why?

This week I have never felt better or more proud to be Métis.  Justice was served, unfortunately for MNBC it was justice for me.

Thank you,

Keith Henry
BC Métis Federation

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