Weekend Doubleheader Proves BCMF Membership Recruitment is Going Strong

(Vancouver Island-Sunshine Coast) If momentum can be measured by the number of good things happening all at once then BC Métis Federation (BCMF) has what the Métis youth call ‘mo’ that is momentum going forward at high speed.

First came the government paper work confirming that BCMF is in fact now a legitimate non-profit society in the business of representing Métis citizens in British Columbia. Next came invitations to meet with the North Saanich Michif Métis Community and with Métis people who are members of the Vancouver Métis Cultural Society from the Sunshine Coast.

Saturday June 25th, 2011 BCMF President Keith Henry and Vice President Daryl Piper were warmly welcomed by a number of Métis people, many of whom are members of the North Saanich Michif Community.  Hosted by well respected Métis person Richard Lucier-Larson, and new BCMF Board of Director, the morning began in a small church in North Saanich at 10:00AM with an introduction by Richard and a prayer from the congregational pastor herself a Métis person from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The talk and power point that is part of the current BCMF information narrated by BCMF President Henry and  themed to describe the founding of the CCMC and its transition into the Métis government known as BCMF.  The method chosen by BCMF to encourage Métis people to join the BCMF has been fact and evidence based information proving beyond a doubt that MNBC is insolvent, not accountable and close to collapse.  When MNBC implodes because of the mountain of debt there is now an officially incorporated entity that can begin a financially strong and responsible new governance structure under the name BCMF.

On the content contained within the BCMF presentation President Henry stated; “It is always surprising to me and BCMF members and executive that Métis people who attend our presentations are still unaware and shocked by the overwhelming body of evidence that BCMF have collected proving that MNBC is insolvent and they got that way by spending way too much money on themselves and not enough on the Nation.  I feel sad when I watch the last ray of hope leave their faces as they realize that once again they have been duped by their elected leaders.  That is why I am so passionately committed to accountability and transparency in the BCMF governance structure so that shoddy, incompetent government shall never again embarrass or taint the reputation of our Métis Nation.”

In Gibson’s the welcome mat was out for BCMF Secretary/Treasurer Russ Roy and Vice President Daryl Piper who hosted an information discussion with Métis people wanting to know more about the BCMF and how it differs from MNBC.  Once again there is disbelief as Métis person after Métis person comes to the realization that it isn’t about a choice between MNBC and BCMF, it is the fact that MNBC is no less than $2.3 million dollars in debt currently and an estimated $8,000,000 in organizational debt and risk exposure overall.  The meeting was well received and the information about MNBC duly noted and completely understood.

One of the key guests was the NDP MLA Nicholas Simons who attended to better understand the situation.  BCMF welcomed the local MLA and believes this is another sign of that governments are paying attention to ensure this situation does not affect the innocent Métis people getting services from the MNBC due to the financial mismanagement.

This past weekend will be like many so many weekends in the next few months with BCMF members speaking to groups of Métis people preparing them for the change that is coming.  The BCMF continues to assure attendees that BCMF has already consulted with over 7300 Métis  people online, in person or on the CCMC website and their response continues to be clear; “Forget about MNBC and the past it is done, go out a make a better future for our for our children to ensure we do not lose our culture.”  Those are commanding orders from our people and BCMF shall abide their word.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/BCMF-Press-Release-27-June-2011.pdf” style=”download”]BCMF Press Release – 27 June 2011[/ilink]
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