What Happened to Métis Identity Recommendations

BC Métis Federation continues to hear significant outrage this week in response to the Métis National Council’s (MNC) release of the so called Métis Homeland map.

What many Métis communities and organizations do not know, or choose to ignore, is that this map has dramatic impacts on Métis identity and future government policies. The map has relevance but is incomplete and efforts have been made for years at the MNC to deflect any legitimate requests for alterations

The fact is the Canadian Senate reviewed Métis identity in 2012 and made recommendations to the department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, today Indigenous Services Canada, which have yet to be implemented 6 years later.

In 2012 the BC Métis Federation released a summary of the Senate Recommendations on Métis Identity from 6 years ago.

Métis research and identity must be better assessed to validate any Métis historical use of land.  We believe Métis people existed throughout British Columbia and have initiated research to shed light on this critical issue.

It has become more clear each year that the work of the MNC is to ensure their control in an attempt to erase the history of many Métis families and communities across Canada which are outside of their pursuit exclusively for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/George-and-Terry-Goulet-Outline-Senate-Metis-Identity-Report.pdf” style=”download”]Click here to download the Senate of Canada Committee Report on Métis Identity PDF[/ilink]


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