Where is the MNBC Director of Natural Resources – MNBC Sinking Ship Takes on More Water

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation continues to observe the developments within the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) which is the other Métis provincial organization in British Columbia. Divisions continue to grow for Métis people throughout BC as they consider the information put forward by the BC Métis Federation in comparison to the MNBC. Métis people who have supported MNBC are further confused in light of the ongoing and continued failures of the MNBC. This week MNBC appears to continue its spiral to internal destruction.

MNBC has not provided any information but a review of the MNBC website today proves the Director of Natural Resource position is suddenly vacant. The MNBC Director of Natural Resources is one of the senior management positions within the MNBC and was the critical technician in the intervenor presentations on behalf of the MNBC at the Joint review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project. This position was held formerly by Mr. Gary Ducommun there was several questions about his role put forward by the BC Métis Federation over the last few months in light of his testimony regarding the Enbridge project.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This has become a real soap opera at the MNBC. Once more there was no announcement or explanation from the MNBC despite the role of this position in relation to the Enbridge project. The rumors were fast and furious all weekend that the former MNBC Director of Natural Resources Mr. Ducommun was removed, etc. It has also been reported the other individual from the MNBC involved with the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project Mr. James Robinson from Smithers is also no longer with the MNBC. Given the role of the MNBC Director of Natural Resources in relation to the MNBC Natural Resource Act and BCMANR one has to question why this sudden move? It is no surprise to me and others that there is no explanation, that is par for the course at the MNBC.”

President Henry added, “The MNBC ship continues to sink. You cannot dismiss the major changes in staff and board members over the last three years. Key MNBC management positions have all changed on a regular basis. In addition the MNBC has eleven board members and there has been five positions changed. How can governments or any corporate partner ever consider MNBC as a good investment in terms of stable governance and administration of funding? The MNBC financials continues to deteriorate, MNBC management is continually changing, and you have an MNBC board more involved in the day to day management and thereby placing politicians directly in the role of service delivery which many of us know is not good practice. The actions of MNBC provide strong evidence about political decisions, acts of fear and panic each week within the MNBC.”

President Henry concluded, “I was forwarded an email by a Métis person who is deeply concerned about the support by MNBC for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project. She shared with me and I have included as background in this press release. The BC Métis Federation continues to provide Métis people a voice and as the President I take great pride in facilitating that voice and decision on such an important issue. By contrast read the response by MNBC President Dumont. He only try to divert the direct question about why this person has never been contacted about the Enbridge project by suggesting there will be another MNGA in May and MNBC has great technicians who will drive the decision making process. Therefore what Mr. Dumont is really saying is that MNBC and their staff know best no matter what anyone thinks. Furthermore he is trying to deflect the question about Enbridge by describing the situation as some sort of personal fight between myself and MNBC. This is not true as 91% of the people the BC Métis Federation surveyed do not support any participation with the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project. I work as mandated by the BC Métis Federation board and members, this is not personal and we continue to build strong governance. Moreover I will not dignify his other immature and childish comments. Sadly Mr. Dumont should take responsibility for many of the current MNBC failures and issues, including the MNBC mishandling of the Enbridge project without a mandate from their MNBC members. Now in light of this new development where the MNBC lead technician, Director of Natural Resources, is suddenly removed, who is the MNBC technician now Mr. Dumont references last week in the email of March 13th? MNBC continues to fail and Mr. Dumont’s leadership can be best described as foolish and immature. The email I reference shows his desperate attempt to try and convince a Métis person and one of the MNBC citizenship card holders that the MNBC card provides special services. This is a serious claim on his part and shows how MNBC will discriminate and politically use current contracts for political gain. The message is clear, if you do not support MNBC, although they get funding based on Census Canada information for some of the programs, you will not get support where MNBC has been contracted to deliver services.

Furthermore Mr. Dumont appears to be basically saying if you don’t like MNBC move on. Well that is truly a great show of leadership and response. It is this sort of Métis leadership display again and again by MNBC that motivates the BC Métis Federation to call on Métis people in BC to get involved especially about key issues such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. The BC Métis Federation is a democratic alternative and we believe in empowering people to have an actual say, unlike the MNBC. We must all stop the MNBC mismanagement and the removal of the Director of Natural Resources is only another sign of how dysfunctional continues to be.”

Email to MNBC President Bruce Dumont March 12th
From: Donna Kondra [mailto:kondra44@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 9:11 PM

To: Bruce (MNBC) Dumont

Subject: Enbridge Pipeline

Dear Bruce Dumont,
As a Metis citizen and MNBC cardholder I am curious to find out why no one has contacted individual Metis citizens on how they feel about the pipeline project. As you must be well aware that many of our citizens whom are so dissatisfied with you and your current administration are choosing to leave MNBC and join Keith Henry at BCMF. On a weekly basis BCMF informs Metis citizens of all the news affecting our people. I personally have received more information from BCMF since their formation than all the years involved as a MNBC citizen. So then I ask myself does MNBC really represent me???? I already feel unrepresented by the lack of Cree traditions being basically absent from any of our gatherings . It makes me question who really benefits from me holding that MNBC card. I DO NOT support the Enbridge pipeline and I would appreciate if you would at least try to give the impression that you actually give a damn. You and MNBC push me closer and closer to joining BCMF.
Just another disillusioned citizen

Email from MNBC President Dumont March 13th
From: “Dumont, Bruce (MNBC)”
To: ‘Donna Kondra’ ; ‘Dave Hodgson’
Cc: “‘Thornhill, Tracey (MNBC)'” ; ‘Colleen Hodgson’ ; ‘Dale Drown’ Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 10:46:24 AM
Subject: RE: Enbridge Pipeline

Good morning Donna.
Not sure if you want an answer or you are relaying that you don’t like the MNBC?
I don’t recognize the chameleon you are referring to, the person that use to work for the MNBC and Enbridge? In fact he and about a dozen followers destroyed their Metis Identification Cards and documented it in writing that they want nothing to do with MNBC. So be it go on your way. The misinformation you receive is not factual it is only to suit his agenda.
As you are well aware of we have an MCPT / Metis Consultation Project Team that has been consulting with Enbridge for two plus years in the Northwest with representatives from the Metis Communities along the pipeline corridor. We signed an MOU with Enbridge in 2007 and we are both honoring the said signed agreement. The MNBC is having a series of information meetings so that we can form an educated opinion. This was discussed at the MNGA this past weekend in Richmond. The MNBC will have a special information meeting with Enbridge including the MNGA Members representative of all Regions throughout BC. We will also have skilled Metis individuals in their field of expertise at this meeting. The environment and long range impacts are of utmost importance to all of us.

There are many Metis peoples whom have formed their opinion for and against and we respect that. We have left our options open being the are many opportunities for the MNBC Metis Peoples regarding benefits, training, education, jobs and contractor procurement. Metis Peoples are unemployed in the Northwest and we must consider the broader picture when and if the pipeline is constructed.
The Enbridge Gateway Pipeline is a contentious issue and the JRP/Joint Review Panel meetings are being held throughout BC and Alberta and the transcripts are available plus it is a hot news item . The JRP will make a decision on approval and/or disapproval of the Pipeline in the future. Yes, the MNBC is the representative voice of the Metis Peoples in BC and recognized and acknowledged by the Provincial and Federal Governments.
Your MNBC Citizenship/Harvester Card identifies that you are a Rights Bearing Metis person and in the future you will exercise your Inherient Rights under Section 35 of the Constitution. I take extreme pride in carrying my identification card and they accept it in all Air Travel. The MNBC is Post Powley Compliant. You can also enjoy the opportunities of services such as Education, some Health benefits, Youth engagement and Training funding for your family. The MNBC has a democratic Governance, Locally, Regionally and Provincially built by the Metis People for the Metis People with Provincial Elections every four years and you must have a Citizenship Card to vote in our Governance and/or to run a campaign. There is only one Metis Nation BC in our beautiful Province. Absolutely we are a struggling Metis Nation but never ever give up as we’ll have this turned around. The splinter group does not offer anything other than to be a critic and is a former disgruntled employee and if you so desire to join them that is your perogative. I would strongly discourage you.
Thank you for your message.

Bruce R. Dumont
President and Chief Executive Officer
Métis Nation British Columbia
National Minister Responsible for Culture,
Heritage & Languages, Sport and Health

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