Why I Support Idle No More – Linda Goyette

BC Metis Federation is sharing an important article from former media reporter Linda Goyette. This article has been posted on the BC Metis Federation facebook page and carries significant relevance to the current and growing Aboriginal led Idle No More protests.

It is clear that racism still exists throughout Canada, all one has to do is read public reaction to the Idle No More stories on any media outlet website. So many Canadians still have no idea about the genesis and reasons for the frustration. This article by Linda Goyette speaks volumes for the contradictions in our society and her examples are excellent.


[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/Linda-Goyette-Article-Why-I-Support-Idle-No-More.pdf” style=”download”]Linda Goyette Article Why I Support Idle No More[/ilink]

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