Will the MNBC Executive Director Be Honest Regarding the General Election Questions?

The following letter was sent today by the BC Métis Federation to MNBC Executive Director Dale Drown…

Dear Mr. Drown,

I write to seek further clarification regarding a letter sent from the “Office of the Executive Director” of the MNBC dated July 12th, 2012. There are a number of BC Métis Federation members who also carry an MNBC citizenship card and have since approached me to advocate on their behalf given the startling approach now described in your MNBC letter last week.

Your correspondence last Thursday has raised serious challenges for the MNBC in terms of how you have presented your requests for two resolutions regarding the upcoming MNBC General Election for September 15th. Your approach has serious implications in relation to existing MNBC governance requirement and upcoming election. First can you clarify your knowledge of the MNBC Constitution and MNGA Act and why as the MNBC Executive Director you believe MNBC can request resolutions from MNGA members by email on four (4) days notice? How do you justify holding an MNBC General Election on September 15th by mail in ballots only given the requirements clearly defined by the MNBC Electoral Act? More importantly have you actually read the MNBC Constitution and legislative acts that were to be followed by the MNBC board and management? There is absolutely no legal authority to take the steps you have presented on behalf of the MNBC. The manner in which you have approached the upcoming MNBC General Election contradicts the very governance the MNBC board swore an oath to protect and the question Métis people have throughout BC is simply why? Even the strongest MNBC supporters are challenged to defend the steps MNBC is currently taking. Did the MNBC board arbitrarily decide to hold an improper election? Who made this decision?

The real issue is whether MNBC has the financial resources to hold a proper election and if not why? Where are the 2011-2012 MNBC Financial Statements for Métis people throughout BC to better understand the actual financial status of MNBC? Is this the real reason about the illegal attempt to change the MNBC governance process?

Another major challenging issue is how will MNBC decide on MNGA members and quorum for these recent resolutions with only four days notice? The MNGA Act is clear about who MNGA members are but is MNBC clear? I attach a corporate search we conducted to further illustrate our point in June 2012. The MNBC was not in good standing as a corporation as of June 26th, 2012 and according to the corporate search the BC Métis Federation completed, we understand an additional nine (9) of the current thirty three (33) Métis Chartered Communities listed on the MNBC website are not either. Therefore who really is an MNGA member considering the clear requirements to be in good standing according to the Community Governance?

I do not expect any response from you or the MNBC board given your dismal track record of responding to any challenging requests. However, I want you and all eleven MNBC board members to know there is considerable work being reviewed to properly address the years of MNBC overspending, MNBC lack of community accountability, plus MNBC misrepresentation. I can assure you and the MNBC board that miss-spending and removal of program funding that was destined for Métis communities and individuals who needed support will be addressed.

I urge you and the MNBC staff to take a serious look at what your role as MNBC staff can be perceived as by the Métis public you are to serve given your recent actions. Your MNBC letter last week demonstrates to many that you seem to think you can dictate and rewrite MNBC governance with no input or consultation for the people who were to be served. Frankly you are very wrong and should resign given the lack of professional judgment and lack of ethics for the communities you were hired to serve. We also assume neither you or the MNBC board will be transparent about any results regardless. This is fundamentally wrong for the MNBC citizenship card holders.

The BC Métis Federation is now meeting with more community leaders who view this latest maneuvers as their “last straw.”

Thank you

Keith Henry
BC Métis Federation
#300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2
Office 1-604-638-7220
Cell 1-778-388-5013
Email k.henry@bcmetis.com

You can follow BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry on twitter @keithhenryMetis

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