Yinka Dene Alliance Special Invitation to Washington, DC February 17th, 2013

In December 2012 BC Metis Federation was the only Metis organization in Canada invited to sign the Save the Fraser Declaration with the over 130 First Nations primarily in British Columbia and Alberta. The Save the Fraser Declaration is led by the Yinka Dene Alliance and the agreement signaled a relationship and commitment to work together as Aboriginal people to protect the watershed of the Fraser system from further oil pipeline expansion of the Alberta Oil Sands.

This week the Yinka Dene Alliance was honored to be invited to Washington DC on Feb 17, 2013 to present and speak at a large rally with all Nations, Peoples’, regardless of color, race, rich or poor and share our request for the World to come to our aide; and support our efforts to stop Enbridge, oil pipelines, and Kinder Morgan to protect our southern brothers and sisters of Tsleil Waututh Nation.

The Yinka Dene Alliance were given this opportunity to outreach to the world their message of a tanker ban to our pristine British Columbia coasts, and to finally end the destructive expansion of the tarsands thereby protecting our precious watershed from the threat of an oil spill. The Yinka Dene Alliance will have an opportunity to speak through our representatives Jackie Thomas and supported by Chief Dolly Abraham at Washington DC on Feb 17, 2013, beginning noon.

The BC Metis Federation and our members and partner communities are encouraged by this significant opportunity to bring this situation to the world stage.

Website: http://yinkadene.ca/

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