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Kelowna Community-Based Researcher building research relationships!

BCMF Director of Research Joe Desjarlais recently met with Kelowna community-based researcher Diann Kehler to develop her research skills and work on the Metis Terrestrial Investigative project.
Diann’s grandfather was Adrian Hope, a famous Metis leader since the 1920s in Alberta. Diann continues in the tradition of helping the community by building an amazing network of research relationships and is working to repatriate local history and memory in the Okanagan region!
Researchers like Diann are the ‘engines’ of these knowledge partnerships that benefit the local community. Great work, Diann!
To learn more about our teams, current projects and methodology, including terrestrial studies with local researchers to recover the history and memory of Metis within knowledge partnerships, have a look at the Community-based Research Portal at: https://bcmetis.com/programs-services/community-based-research-portal/
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