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Metis presence in the Nanaimo museum

Walking through the Nanaimo museum, a member of the BCMF research team noticed a display about Metis.

Notice that the museum display states, “by the late 1700s Metis lived in present-day British Columbia, and they continue to reside there”.
The BCMF research team is committed to repatriating Pacific Northwest Metis history and memory through community-based research and is now gathering evidence that supports the significant historical presence of Metis in places like Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and many others!
We believe that museums should honour their relationships with the local Metis community and enter into proper relationships based on trust and accountability. This must meet local Metis goals as they repatriate their history, rebuild relationships and build local capacity.
What are your thoughts? What would you like your museum to do in your area for repatriation and redress?
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