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Royal Museum content blocks Metis dispossession

The BCMF research team recently encountered Japanese stories of dispossession in the  Royal BC museum.
“Broken Promises is dedicated to revealing the history of the Japanese Canadian dispossession and the impact that period of injustice continues to have.”
Although important,  the Province shuts out stories of self-determining Metis peoples and kinship networks in the Pacific Northwest, as well as accounts of ‘half-breed’ dispossession because of Federal and Provincial government and municipal policy, along with continued discrimination today.
We believe that museums should honour what is right and best for Metis local communities in the Pacific Northwest within knowledge partnerships that seek to reconstitute local self-determination, self-government, and self-sufficiency.
The BCMF research team is committed to repatriating Pacific Northwest Metis history and memory through community-based research and is now gathering evidence that supports the significant historical presence of Metis in places like Victoria, the Lower Mainland, Kelowna and many others!
Contact your local, Community-Based Researcher to see how you can get involved or to learn what they have uncovered so far! https://bcmetis.com/research-team/
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