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TCEI: Using GIS to understand the BC Metis Landscape

Definition of GIS : GIS is a framework to store, manage, analyze and visualize geographic and qualitative (i.e. demographic) data to achieve a greater understanding of relationships, patterns or trends on earth.

BCMF Director of Research Joe  Desjarlais has been working with Research Team members Dr Bruce Shelvey and GIS Expert Tanner Timothy to set up the system including planning and utilizing by working through data-set issues and starting to populate the ARC -GIS online. This work relates to project goals of Ongoing dialogue and meaningful partnership around cumulative impacts.

GIS: a powerful spacial tool to: Collect, archive, store, and protect data

  •  Develop a repository of archival documents that can be linked to geographic places
  •  Creating a database to store traditional and cultural land‐use by Metis people in BC within/adjacent to the TMX/TMEP corridor
  •  Compiling archival documents to highlight Metis history and occupancy in BC – attaching documents to physical locations and recreating archival data to visualize on a map
  •  Using web‐based platform ArcGIS Online for creating interactive maps, data collection apps, and other forms of media to represent Metis presence in BC.
  •  Create a story map – an interactive web page that uses text, images and maps in a linear timeline.

This powerful spatial tool will visually augment our report written narrative and allow us to archive, store, protect and manage all of the data that is gathered from archival, historical, and community sources. 

Represent report findings and conclusions

A Geographic Information System is one of the main ways in which the Project Team for the BCMF TCEI Project (Terrestrial Investigations) will be representing our report findings. And, as a best-practices tool for representing land-use knowledge, the maps communicate important conclusions to BCMF’s membership, to other indigenous nations, governments, industry and to the general public.

Stay tuned for more information on GIS!

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