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What is Community-Based Research?

Community-based Research takes place in community settings and involves community members in the design and implementation of research projects, demonstrates respect for the contributions of success made by community partners, and respects the principle of “doing no harm” to the communities involved. It is the idea that the community owns the knowledge gathered and that the knowledge is only shared and uncovered through relationships. This is a true Knowledge Partnership in action.

Knowledge is created by and for the community’s well-being. Métis people and communities have a right to control and share their knowledge and benefit from it as an expression of self-determination. We seek to build capacity to ensure that any information that is gathered by, for or about us is used in such a way that directly benefits our communities, as it is shaped into legislation, policy and directives. This means developing research guidelines to guide the relationship between topics like knowledge gathering or research, and its purpose.  This means being responsible for translating knowledge so that the information reflects the community. This means that outcomes happen at the speed of ongoing relationship building, where different groups commit to listening to and learning from one another.

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