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The Community-based Research Portal supports a thriving knowledge community with a specific focus on how to research human activities on mainland terrestrial and freshwater environments over time and space along the Trans Mountain Expansion corridor.

This portal is a team effort, and the BC Métis Federation (BCMF) would like to acknowledge the support of Natural Resources Canada. The resources gathered by our Community Researchers are incredibly important. Join their journey and follow along as they learn how to become community researchers, gather, and catalogue information, and turn it into a resource library right here for all of you. Learn more about our Community Researchers here.

Métis Communities and Cumulative Effects

The BCMF Métis Terrestrial Investigations Project (MTIP) conducts research with Métis communities to advance TMEP cumulative effects work and to enhance community understanding of human activities on mainland terrestrial and freshwater environments over time and space within the Trans Mountain pipeline corridor. We have adopted a community-based approach to strengthen BCMF and partner’s capacity to advance cumulative effects work. This sets the stage for communities to support improved decision making and future analysis around major projects.

BC Métis Federation Research Team

Our operational team is led by Joe Desjarlais, MA, Director of Research and the project is supported by Dr. Bruce Shelvey, Research Consultant, along with Tanner Timothy, Terrestrial GIS Contractor.

The BCMF Research Team is working closely with a group of Community Researchers, and teaching them how to gather, interpret, and build an archive of CE research. To learn more about our Community Researchers, visit this page.

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